Your Apparitions Technology Pro Vibration Detector

Very sensitive piece of investigation kit, its often reported that a table is perhaps vibrating or there are knocks coming from a side board or footsteps can be heard in corridors or upper rooms.

Simply place the vibration detector where ever these things are reported to monitor if there is any actual vibration of physical movement in the environment. With its bright LED’s you will see at a glance that a vibration is taking place and how powerful it is as the LED’s go from green to red.

To set up

Fit battery, place on level surface (without any vibrations) and turn on, the unit will take a few seconds / short while to settle down, turn the sensitivity control all the way to the left, once all the LED’s have gone out gently tap around the detector and adjust the sensitivity to suit your needs. now the unit can be either used straight away or turned off and placed where you would like it to be. The audio is switchable for example you might not want audio on if your in the same room as the detector and can see it, or you may be in a separate room and need to be able to hear it, of you might be setting out up in view of a camera etc etc either way you have control of this extra feature.

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