4 LED lights
REM detection active indication
Bendable antenna.
Easy to use
Power Source: Brand name alkaline 9V battery (not included)
Size: 12.5cm”D x 11.5cm”W x 8cm”H (excluding antenna wire)

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The New REM X
The REM X by Paraforce is a brand new product. It offers you the same REM function as the original legendary REM POD.

How Does it Work?
The REM Portal reacts to changes in the energy field surrounding the face plate. The stronger the energy disturbance the more lights light up and the more intense the tone alert gets.
It is most sensitive around the antenna, but it will also react for changes around the body of the REM Portal.

* simple battery draw to make changing its 9v battery fast and easy.
* Twin antenna ports for a wider coverage area.
* The antenna can be bent to your desired shape.
* Front facing on and off button for easy access
* Soft glow blue ring to indicate when active and wont interrupt your night vision with glare
* Jumbo LEDS (like the original REM Pod
* Sound (like the original REM pod)

How to Use

Simply press center power switch for the “on” position, a blue ring will illuminate. The antenna can be shaped to fit your needs.

Video of The REM Portal in use

Additional information

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