Out of Stock items

The moment an item falls below the threshold of numbers of units in stock that item is reordered by our system. This prevents a lot of sold outs however of late we are selling units faster and faster.

Most of our products are imported and can take between one and three weeks to arrive. If you see a product which is sold out then it will have been reorder and we are waiting for it to arrive back into stock.

If you saw a product and can’t find it anymore this is because the unit is no longer available from our suppliers or there is no due back into stock date for it.

If the product you would like to buy is showing sold out you can message us and we will give you an estimate of the arrival time for it. You can also back order the product if you wish to ensure you get one as fast as is possible.

Any back orders product are dispatched the day that it arrives with us to ensure your waiting time is kept to an absolute minimum.

As always please message us if you have any further enquires.

All the best !

the UK Ghost Store.

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