Purple and Green Runes


24 Runes

Basic guide to 3, 5 and 7 Rune layout and the rune meanings.

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Set of 24 Runes in beautiful translucent Purple and Green with sparkles included is a guide to rune reading and the meaning of the symbols along with a velvet drawstring bag.

Using runes is a great way to tap into our intuition, access our inner voice and perform divination. There are many different types of rune layout, starting with a simple 1-rune pull for a yes/no type answer or feel for the day, and three runes casting similar to Tarot spreads (such as past, present future; or situation, action, outcome).

Traditionally, runes were cast in multiples of 3, or at the very least odd numbers. There are a few 5-rune layouts that are most commonly used, a couple of 7 and 9-rune layouts that are also often used, and a 24-rune layout that is usually done at the beginning of a year (whether that be your new birth year, winter solstice or actual New Year’s Day), to forecast what the year ahead holds. However, similar to Tarot spreads, there exists a vast multitude of layout options that you can try out!

There are two main ways to cast runes. Traditionally it is said that the runes were thrown (“cast”) onto a special piece of fabric while looking up to the heavens, you then read only the runes that landed upright.

The second way to read runes is to hold the pouch in your non-dominant hand and think about the question you want answered (if any) as you pull out runes with your dominant hand, placing them in the shape of whichever layout you’ve chosen to do.

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