Special Teak Colored Pendulum Board with Pendulum


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Special Teak Colored Pendulum Board with Pendulum.

Pendulum board with set of swing to answer inserts, Yes, No, Don’t know and Rephrase.

The reason these are removable is because not everybody’s yes or know answer will swing the same way.
For this purpose the way to use is to hold the pendulum and ask it to show you the answer for yes, The pendulum will swing in the desired directions it wants you to place the answer on the board. Do this for each so that you can be sure the pendulum board is perfectly in tune with your pendulum and your session of using it.

The removable answer gives scope for further inserts to be added such as numbers, names, places, symbols ect.

The Pendulum board is made from wood and is 20 cm wide 7mm thick, the inserts are approximately 38mm wide and each insert and the main board has a felt backing.

The Pendulum is an Amethyst encased in a silver colored metal case and hanging chain.


In today’s constantly connected and overly busy world, the captivating shimmer of polished amethyst produces a spectrum of tranquillising shades from pale pink through pastel violet to deep purple. It acts as the perfect antidote, helping to prevent muddled decisions and heightened emotional responses.

Reference for crystal meaning link here

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × .7 cm


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