Amethyst Pendulum


Amethyst Pendulum with silver plated chain, popular style and design, when it comes to pendulum dowsing may dowsers have a range of pendulums they use for differing tasks, although this seems to me more about personal preference rather than specific types for specific tasks.

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Amethyst Pendulum with silver plated chain.

This is a well balanced pendulum in a crystal column design it is approximately 4 centimetres from end to end. The widest part is approximately 1 cm weighing 5 grams.

Pendulums and the art of dowsing is a century’s old practice, There are a range of techniques and uses with some dowsers having a range of pendulums and dowsing instruments for differing purposes. As with any technique or skill, dowsing requires practice and concentration which over time develops into a personal preference.

Suggested usage
This is by no means an exhaustive list simply a hand full of suggestions intended purely as a starting point. Pendulum dowsing has been used in pinpointing areas on a map, or using a pendulum board to create communication between the user and the ‘unknown’. They can be used as a questioning tool too, where the user after establishing the sign for yes and no can ask questions of what ever entity they feel they are in communication with. A simple technique would be to let the pendulum hang from a gentle grip between the thumb and index finger with around 3 to 5 inches of chain between the hand and the pendulum. Once the pendulum settles and is still, simply ask a question such as “show me the sign for yes” then followed by “show me the sign for no” after the pendulum has responded with either a swinging back and forth, side to side or in a circular motion. From this point you can determine anything you would like such as are you male ? Are you female and so on. Perhaps you could test this by asking a few questions that you know the answer to or testing it on a willing friend with questions that you don’t know the answer to but where your friend can confirm the responses etc etc .

Additional information

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