Hand Made Wooden Ouija Twigs design A3 Size


Real wood Ouija board and planchette.

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Hand made wooden Ouija Board, Made from wood and coated with a smooth resin coat for a glass like finish which enables the planchette a smooth action.

42cm wide 30cm tall and 1.5cm thick (approximately) with a felt backing, also complete with a wooden planchette. The size of this board is ideal for up to eight people, we use these boards on our public events and have found them solid, durable, a good size and generally much better then the mass produced card boards found elsewhere, Because these are hand made there may be some minor variance between boards.

History of Ouija
There are two main stories about this
its name Ouija is a combination of the French “oui” and German “ja”–both words for yes. Another account states that the sister-in-law of the boards original creator asked the board what it wanted to be called and “Ouija” was its response. Supposedly when asked what that name means, it replied “Good Luck.”

Today there are many names for the board, Spirit board, Mystical board, Angel board etc etc but it is best known under the name Ouija.
Originally created as a mind reading game in the 1800s soon after it was claimed that messages were coming from the spirit world and it is for this the board has become widely known. Largely because of the unknown and spirit world connections the board has been demonised through the media of hollywood films showing it in a light of terrifying consequences and the root of perhaps all that is bad in ghosts and hauntings, but if you can separate yourself from the hype and think of it as a tool then using it becomes actually more interesting.

The Spirit Boards / Ouija Boards we trust will used responsibly and all responsibility lies with the user for this process.

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