Automatic Writing Planchette Translucent Green


Automatic Writing can be either an individual placing hands on the planchette or a group of up to ten people with a finger on the planchette .

With the human connection and a pen through the planchette messages from beyond can be performed using the automatic writing experiment planchette.

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Automatic Writing Planchette Translucent Green

Suitable for single person use yet big enough for a large group of up to eight people. Each one is fitted with spring loaded clamp that holds the pen / pencil in place it also has smooth action wheels all mounted on bearings.

If you have never taken part in this experiment before then heres the concept. Put a pen or pencil through the planchette and place on a large piece of paper, (flip chart paper is ideal) With a group of people space out around the planchette and paper simply all place a finger on the planchette and ask for a movement, (can you move the planchette on the paper for me please or something along those lines) this experiment is best if you ask for drawings or symbols to be drawn for you.

Each Planchette is individual made and as such may differ very slightly from the photographed image.

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Dimensions 18 × 15 × 7 cm


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