The Portal V5m


Twin inputs A & B
(for P-SB11)
(all other ghost boxes use either A or B)
(cables included)

12V Rechargeable Battery

Hiss Kill

Single 5w low resistanace speaker covered with dust proof retro stlye grill

Bass and Treble controls

Direct input

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The Portal V5m

For getting the most from your ghost box sessions,

You may of seen ‘a portal’ device being used on a lot of TV shows. This one is built with the P-SB 11 and P-SB 7 users in mind. Its twin input will enable P-SB 11 uses to maximise their units though the portal, if you don’t use a P-SB 11 then just use either input A or B, OR if you want you can plug in two separate devices at once.

The sound travels though the ghost box into the portal where you can control the amount of ‘noise or hiss’ using the hiss killer controls, from there the signal goes to the amplifier where volume bass and treble can be adjusted.

The Portal v5m requires an external battery, (included) this is a deliberate design to make it easy should you need to swap out the battery mid investigation in the dark, (i recommend a 12v 6800mAh as a minimum) The Portal also has minimal lighting knowing that most investigations take place in the dark, i personally find it off putting to be dazzled by unnecessary ‘flashing or constant lights’. The two lights that are on the portal are indicators so at a glance you can see sound possessor and amplifier are active.

The Portal runs on a 12v rechargeable battery pack.

The Portal V5m is a no nonsese strait to the point portal that can cut/reduce the harsh white noice coming from your ghost box. The V5m also features a direct input shoud you wich to use it as a portable speaker for playing back EVP or even music as you set up or perhaps as part of your experiments such as playing monks charning if investigating a monistry or childrens songs if investigating ghosts of children.

Each Portal is individuly numbered making each one totaly unique.

We have been using a portal now for a few years on various ghost events and have found that it is much preferred by our guests and some of the results have been totally mind blowing and incredible. This unit is hand build and is a direct comparison to the latest version we are using on our events (version 5) where each version has been improved along the way to get the best results possible.

There are a number of other ‘portals’ available from various places however we wanted to deliver the best value for money and performance which is why we are now offering the PIGS Portal for anybody to purchase.

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