P-SB11 ANC Ghost Box


The New P-SB11 ANC ITC Device is the most advanced “Spirit Box” on the market.
Featuring adustable Automatic Noise Control
Crisp sound from internal speakers
Twin outputs (can be assigned one for AM and one for FM)
Scan forwards / backwards
Antenna control (On / Off)

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The P-SB11 ANC ITC Device is the most advanced “Spirit Box” or “Ghost Box” on the market.

This newly released SB11 has Dual Channel Adjustable Noise Control that eliminates the sweeping sound making it easier to hear EVPs coming through! The SB11s offer faster Sweep Rates than other Ghost Boxes creating clearer and even more EVPs.

This version with the ANC feature (Adjustable Noise Control) eliminates the white noise, making it easier to hear EVPs during your investigation! The SB11 with ANC also features Temperature Detection Deviation to – or + 5 degrees F that can back up the paranormal activity occurring. The red flashlight makes the P-SB11 Spirit Box night vision friendly and will have minimum interference with capturing video and photos during your paranormal investigation. Be sure to have a Voice Recorder next to your Spirit Box so that you can listen to the captured transmission later, you never know when something of high interest will come through. This Spirit Box does have a different sound than the standard SB11, this is normal.

Special Features
* Forward / Reverse Sweep
* Adjustable Noise Control – eliminates sweeping sound
* Adjustable Sweep Rate – 7 different speeds from 50 millisec to 350 millisec
* AM or FM Sweep or Simultaneous AM and FM Sweep
* Adjustable Use of the Antenna for AM and FM
* Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection – by sound that can be turned off.
* Dual Simultaneous Output for Audio (CH1 & CH2)
* Capacity to be Upgraded and Expanded
* Built in Red LED Flashlight – night vision friendly
* Uses a 9V battery (not included)

Additional information

Weight .38 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 7 cm


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