EMF Microphone


Add a bit extra science to your EVP experiments. simply plugs into the microphone socket of your recorder and your ready to go!

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The EMF Microphone enables you to hear and record electro magnetic frequencies.
With this unit you can plug straight into your voice recorder via the built in 3.5mm jack cable (No batteries required)
Ask the spirits to try and interact with the atmosphere or the device to get a reaction Just like you would with a K2 meter.
The EMF microphone will eliminate ambient noise and human voices increasing the chances of capturing genuine EVP.

Sugested usage
This device was intended for paranormal research in the ITC (instrumental trans communication) field. the concept is to plug it into your recording equipment via the microphone socket, conduct your EVP sessions and examine the results. The Raudive Diode Receiver will not record audio as you have heard it but rather a soft white noise which is a means provided for spirit manipulation or as a carrier for spiritual voices. I prefer to use this either in short bursts say 3 or 4 minute samples at a time or as a background monitor which will run throughout the entire vigil. If you like me examine data on a computer the you will see the flat sound waves and easily be able to see any disturbance in the sound wave.


Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 cm


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