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Spirit light (infrared invisible light). For use with any Full Spectrum or Infrared camera, this illuminator has great performance with 4 high output wide angle infrared LED's It has an intensity control so you can set exactly the amount of lighting you require.

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The ParaForce Spirit Light is a powerful infrared light that is essential for night shot and infrared cameras.

Easily portable, as it is light weight. The power settings work according to your needs for infrared.

The ParaForce Spirit Light has 4 infrared LEDs and a white light. There are 2 standard tripod attachment screws.

9V alkaline battery (not included).

Imported from the USA – Great build quality.

Note: one can not see the infrared lights when turned on since infrared light is outside the visual field for humans. It will be visible through your infrared or full spectrum camera.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 cm


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