Phantom Lite Full Spectrum Illuminator


Suitable for

IR cameras (Sony with Night Shot)

Full Spectrum cameras.

Requires 1 x 9v battery

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Seen on Ghost Adventures!

30 LED Full Spectrum Illuminator

5 Infrared LEDS,
5 Red LEDS,
5 Blue LEDS,
5 Green LEDS,
5 Ultraviolet LEDS.
5 Infrared LEDs.

Can use on all night vision equipped camera/camcorders. Works great with all Full Spectrum camcorder and cameras. 45 ft distance, 9v battery powered, tripod adapter included.

(FS) Top Row and bottom row of LEDs are the Infrared ones you will not be able to see them light up. Look at them through your camera/camcorder and they will be lit..

If you want to use your full spectrum camera/camcorder to the fullest you need to light up the whole spectrum of light. That is what the Phantom Full Spectrum illuminator does.

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