The Spirit Pod


Designed Exclusively For Professional Paranormal Investigators
Detachable EM Radiating Antenna Detects Energy Disturbances & Fluctuations around the Antenna
Displays the Field Disturbance Using Multi-Colored Light Columns and Audible Tones.
Calibration is automatic when the power is turned on.
Power source: 9V battery (not included).
Imported from the USA – great workmanship and quality!
The Spirit Pod has a tripod mount for optimal use with a standard ΒΌ thread.

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The ParaForce Spirit POD detects static energy fields around its telescopic antenna’s EM field. Multi-color lights come on and tone sounds when the field is disturbed by static electricity. The lights and tones that come on are set to 4 different detection ranges. So when a field is the furthest away only 1 light is on and the tone is moderately high, and when a field is the closest all 4 lights are on and the tone is at its highest. You can test this yourself by first rubbing your hands together and then approach the pod very slowly and you will see how one light after the other will light up as you get closer to the antenna.

A practical and helpful little feature of the pod is that it has a small blue LED light that is constantly on so that one can easily spot the ParaForce SpiritPod in the dark. This also means that this blue light can capture the curiosity of a spirit.

Tips for investigating with the ParaForce SpiritPod:

Say: If there is someone here, please approach that blue light and we will be able to get proof of your presence since more lights will go off and various tones. One can assign various meanings to different lights by saying: Please turn on one light for Yes, turn on all lights for No, etc.

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Dimensions 26 × 10 × 8 cm


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