The REM Pod DA


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The REM Pod DA

The REM-POD has a super sensitive Electro Magnetic Radiating antenna
That detects energy disturbances & fluctuations around the device
And displays any field disturbances using LED lights AND audible tones!

This EM field can be affected by persons or objects around the unit that conduct
Electricity… and the theory is that ghosts and spirits can do the same!
The lights will glow brightly depending on the frequency
Distortion and strength of the object (spirit or human) interacting with it.
The R.E.M device is powered by a 9v battery that fits inside a battery enclosure.
The R.E.M device comes with a black portable waterproof hard carry case so it stays protected when not in use.
The R.E.M device also comes with a mini compact flexible tripod which enables the
Unit to be mounted without making contact with any surface depending on
The users choice.
NOTE: Any tripod can be used on the R.E.M unit, not just ours!

Additional information

Weight .40 kg
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 8 cm


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