Mel Meter REM ADTT

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The Mel Meter REM,
Massive favourite with paranormal investigators also seen on many paranormal TV shows world wide.

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The NEW Mel Meter REM ADTT

The new version of the MEL Meter uses a more advanced REM-EMT circuit now with added ADTT (Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection). This means the MEL REM is now more sensitive with high power adjustable gain. The new model comes with 6 LED lights for REM detection. Each lead correlates to a sensitivity level when the REM RANGE is adjusted. This is a very popular feature since one can easily see what sensitivity level one is using. There is now also a manual base line one can select instead of the automatic baseline.

All in One detects EMF, ambient temperature, ADTT, with built in red flashlight and EMF radiating antenna. In addition to detecting AC/DC EMF & Temperature changes in the environment, this feature also uses a mini extendable antenna to emit its own magnetic Field around the unit. Should anything interact with the field the unit will trigger illuminating the LEDs.


*Measures A/C Electromagnetic Fields
*Measures D/C Natural Electromagnetic Fields
*Digital measurement of Ambient Temperature changes – that is of the environmental air temp
*Antenna Radiates a Electromagnetic Field. Can measure in F or C
*Any changes in the EM Field will alert you by 6 different levels – indicated by LED lights
*LED lights indicates strength and distance of disturbance of EM Field.
*Automatic Temperature Deviation Detection alerts temp changes +5 or -5 F with a Tone that is ascending or descending

On top of the standard MEL specifications of

*Digital read-out of exact EMF level in the range between 30Hz to 300Hz
*EMF burst mode – where Temp is shut off and all power goes to EMF detection for as fast sampling of EMFs as a K2 meter
*High and Low Hold Record Memory of the Digital Readouts of EMF and Temperature
*Measures Ambient Temperature in F and C – that is the air temp – in either F or C
*1 year manufacturer’s warranty
*Back light for easy read-out in the dark.
*Uses one 9V battery – not included.
*Has a back stand than fold out for easy viewing of the meter.
*Red LED at front of meter works as a flash light that is night vision friendly

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Weight .41 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 6 cm

2 reviews for Mel Meter REM ADTT

  1. Paul Holloway

    Wwwwhoo hooo this piece of kit is an absolute must for your ghost hunting equipment!! I’m a proud member of the pigs team and this meter is brought out on every pigs event, it’s also bulletproof, it gets chucked around all night between locations and ends up in your team bag, the Mel meter and rem system work really well and built in thermometer the spirits love to play with this device, an absolutely must bit of kit,

  2. Tony (verified owner)

    Just bought one of these and it is an amazing bit of kit I recommend this to any paranormal investigator, you won’t be disappointed

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