K-II Meter Black Deluxe

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K-II Deluxe with on and off function.

As an Approved UK K-II dealer  this is a 100% Genuine USA Built K-II meter. (beware of imitations)  

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The K-II meter is used by ghost hunters to find indications of paranormal activity by looking for sudden erratic readings (spikes) of the lights . A man-made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) creates a steady reading while the spirit worlds energy is believed to be what creates the impulse readings on the K-II meter. Researchers using the K-II meter have been able to do actual communication sessions with what is believed to be ghosts. The spirit is simply instructed to light up the lights on the meter in response to specific questions. For example, the ghost can be asked to respond with spiking up the lights of the K-II meter once for a no answer to a question and to light up the lights of the meter twice for a yes answer to a question.

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Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 18 × 7 × 5 cm

5 reviews for K-II Meter Black Deluxe

  1. great piece of kit

    one of the most reasonable prices on the market, and from a trusted provider. Was delighted to find it in black, although the colour doesnt impact the results, it looks like a very smart piece of kit and I prefer it to the grey one. I always have a K2 close to me on investigations, because I believe that it can be a great means of communication as you can use it in different ways. Would definitely recommend.

  2. David (verified owner)

    After chatting to the seller on the phone i decided to buy one and with 1st class delivery it came the next day.
    Nice piece of it, smaller than i expected and feels solid and well made.
    just need to give it a go on some investigations.
    Would highly recommend this site.

  3. Brian (verified owner)

    Ordered 1st Class delivery on the Thursday, came the next day! Super quick delivery. Even had chance to use it that night at Wentworth Woodhouse 🙂 Worked perfectly. Thank you.

  4. Dale (verified owner)

    Fantastic bit of kit, thank you for fast delivery!

  5. gary wilks (verified owner)

    A very fast delivery, Extremely happy with the item, works has it should..seems a good dedicated team sending out very good quality items.

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